Honor your Best Friend with a Pet Portrait Pillow.

pet photosHonor your beloved "four-legged, feathered, or scaly" friend with a Pet Portrait Pillow for yourself, your family, or as a heart-felt gift that will be treasured for years to come. You may hesitate to give a painting of a pet to someone to hang on their wall, but a pillow with an original painting that coordinates with their décor will be admired and enjoyed by all.

Send me as many photos as you can so I can capture the personality of your pet; the tilt of the head from one, mischievous expression from another, and tuck of a paw from a third…or just that one favorite shot that says it all. All photographs will be returned. For pets that have departed, it is a special way to remember your faithful loved one and keep them close to your heart.

Pet Portrait Pillows are $150 for one pet.

Add $25 for each additional pet in the portrait.

Please see ORDER page for details and to place an order.

How to Order
Samples of Captured Moments

Gift Certificates:
If you want to give a Pet Portrait Pillow as a gift for a special occasion, but there is not enough time, I offer Personalized Gift Certificates to be presented, with the pillow following soon afterwards. Some prefer this way so the recipient can choose their own photo to be painted and choice of fabric for the pillow.

  • Two Labs Pillow
  • Ricky Pillow
  • Dublin Pillow
  • Allegro Pillow
  • Bluebird Pillow
  • Mack Pillow
  • Sophie and Soriana Pillow
  • Rintz Pillow
  • Templeton Pillow
  • Two Ducks Pillow
  • Bulldog Pillow
  • Abby Pillow
  • Luna Pillow
  • Bulldog Pillow
  • Max Pillow